Feedback from Laitkynsew

We received this e-mail from India on 24.04.20

Dear Sir. Andreas... Today (24/4/20) we went again to distribute rice to one Khasi village- Mawlong.. It's 8km from the parish. We could help around 75 families.. . Thanks to our GIPPs friends for the helping hands..  
I will update again to you.. 
Good night.. God bless and keeps you safe.

COVID-19 Support

Dear GIPP Friends... 

Happy Easter to you all...  May the Risen Christ brings JOY, PEACE and HOPE to you and your families...  Today I remember especially as you were supposed to be with us here in Laitkynsew joining us in Easter Celebration.  

But you could not make it physically but I know you are here emotionally and Spiritually because You have touch the heart of many through our school...  Yesterday we went to give rice and dal for 75 families and we talked about you and they were very much grateful to you and they also sent their Easter Greetings and prayers to you all...  Here I attach few photos and I will update once everything is done.

May The Risen Christ Bless you all. 
Happy Easter Once Again.

Your Brother and Friend.

Fr.  Ambrose Lamin Sds.

COVID-19 Support

For current reasons:

The school supported by GIPP in the jungle reports current supply shortages. The families of the supported pupils have lost their income and Father Ambrose is providing them with rice in a kind of "school meal". The emergency call came yesterday. Tomorrow we will transfer 1.500 Euro as emergency aid and we don't care that some day labourers are also supplied.

If you want to participate in this action, please transfer the money to the GIPP account with the remark "Schulspeisung". Up to 200 € the transfer receipt is automatically valid as a donation receipt.

The board of directors


School for the Blind: Construction of the Roof Completed

We were delighted to hear from Sister Jomsy that the "New Roof" project for the school for the blind has been completed. The start of construction was delayed due to the heavy rainfall. She wrote us: ".... It was a great help for us. After the roof work the dripping through part of the terrace was stopped. Even in rain or heat the children's clothes can be dried well under the roof. In addition, the heat of the rooms is greatly reduced. It is a great blessing for us. Please convey the heartfelt thanks of the children and sisters to all who have given their financial support to this noble work. Please convey our special thanks and greetings to the bishop. Thank you very much, thank you very much. May God bless each one of you. Best regards, Sr. Jomsy".