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Dear Sir. Andreas... How are you? How is the situation in Germany? How all our friends and families? Greetings from all the students and families... Today we end our academic year successfully... We had pre -Christmas celebration and results distributions for class vi -viii. For class nursery -v... We gave them in separate days.... I will soon send you the report cards of our students. And updates on the activities of our school... Dear sir we wish you and all the members of Gipps family a very happy Christmas and prosperous new year.... May the peace,joy, and hope of Christ be with you all.... MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR....

Pater Ambrose Lamin SDS


Letter from Latikynsew

Dear Sir. Andreas Heise and members of GIPP

Greetings from Sts.Peter & Paul church, Laitkysew Parish.

At this time of preparation for the joyful celebration of Christmas we, fathers and the families who are beneficiaries of your support  and help remember you all members of GIPP, friends and families associated with GIPP. With your partnership and support we are able to do more than what we could do by ourselves. We are able to make our ministry more meaningful and effective in this remote place.

We would like to send you our Christmas greetings at this time that is marked by the Covid-19 crisis that had a great impact on every aspect of our lives. Though the Covid -19 and lockdown had affected us, yet we have many reasons to be thankful to God almighty, for his protection from covid-19, for you,  for members of GIPP and others who helped us generously for the relief works in our parish at the time covid-19 crisis. The situation seems to be normal amidst the covid-19 that people are not so much afraid of the virus. Only in the public places mask is compulsory to be used. The schools and colleges are opened except for smaller classes. Only on travel and tourism still there are some restrictions. Amidst the covid-19 crisis, we raise our hearts to God in thankfulness for his blessings upon our mission.

Next year in the month of January 2021 we are blessing a convent and a hostel for the girls in the parish. In the coming year 2021 we hope that the enrolment in the school will go up from 122 to 150. In the hostel we have only 30 students for we do not have place to accommodate more boys.  From February 2021 we are starting again the vocational trainings (Tailoring, embroidery, candle making and basic computer courses). In the year 2022 Laitkynsew parish will celebrate its Quasquicentennial (1897-2022) anniversary of catholic faith. The jubilee was opened on 25th October 2020 by Rev.Fr.Robert Majaw with a simple ceremony, with the holy mass and flag hosting. Due to the pandemic faithful could not be present for this event.

We are grateful to you for the help that you have extended to us and especially pray for you that almighty God Bess all your good intentions to make the saviour known. At the same time we wish and pray that you will be able to visit us in the coming year. We will be very happy to receive you.

“Warmest wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. May peace, love and prosperity follow you, your families and friends. May this season of Christmas and New Year bring more happiness and blessings.

 Yours in Divine Saviour

Fr.Arockia Samy SDS

Parish Priest

Sts.Peter & Paul Chruch

Latikynsew Parish.


News from Laitkynsew

Dear Sir. Andreas and Gipps members,
Greetings to you from Divine Saviour English Medium School, Laitkynsew. I hope all of you are doing well and are in good health by the grace of God.
Friends, first and foremost I congratulate all the members who were re-elected in the annual meeting of GIPP. It's good news to hear from you all. And thank you for the support you have rendered to our growing school here in Laitkynsew and  our people of our parish.
I write this email to update you all about our school this year (2020).
1.  In our Divine Saviour School, the students could come to the school only for one month, i.e ( 16th Feb-19th March 2020), there after came the lock down.
2.  To make the students active even if they are at home, on 30th May to 1st June 2020- We conducted the Online Creative Week, where the students had to take part from home the programmes. like., dancing, singing, action songs and drawing and they sent these activities to their class teachers.  To our surprise the students did so well even if we have network problems. After this online creative week we were hoping that this pandemic would end soon and our students could come to the school, but it was not so.
3. After much consultation with parents of our students and teachers, we started our online class on 7th July 2020 from Class-I to Class VIII through whatsapp only and it continues  till today.
4. The Online Class for Nursery and K.G. We started on 11th August 2020 onwards till today.
5. We conducted the test for the students from class -I - VIII  from 21st Sept to 1st October 2020. We asked them to write at home and come and submit to the school, the school was given instructions to the  parents when the students wrote the test.
6. Now the online class is going on, but also our government is allowing the students to come to school only for consultation and that also only from class -VI onwards. Therefore next week we will have parents meetings and discuss with the parents and teachers.
7. We will have a test again this october 2020, and on the last week of November we will have a final exam. and on 21st December we will give the results and prize distribution of Online Creative Week. 2020. .
8.  During this pandemic, the school continues to pay the teachers' salary inorder to support them.
Dear friends, we are doing our best in the school to help our students and we don't really want our students to lose one year in their life, we also want them to learn something in their life. So, I am really grateful to all the GIPP members and family for your kindness for our children. May God showers his blessings on you more and more.
Thank you
Yours  Faithfully.
Fr. Ambrose Lamin sds
Divine Saviour English Medium School,

Photos of candle making, newly built teachers' quarters and a computer training course.

Photos of tailoring and embroidery trainings.

From our partner school in Guwahati, Assam


Greetings from Sr.Shiny.

I received your mail. Thank you for the good news from Germany.The pandemic has changed our scholastic system also. And it has badly affected the education of our Visually Impaired students of Jyoti Niketan..The Students of Jyoti niketan are at home now .  We are forced to send them back to home due to the Pandemic. The Government was not allowing us to keep  the students in the hostel.It Was not possible to conduct online class due to the poor net connection in the remote areas.But the higher class students are attending the online classes.we are very often trying to have contact with and enquire about our students. All of them are keeping fine. I am very much grateful to you for your special love towards the sisters,staff and students of Jyoti Niketan.

MayGod bless you all.

With lots of affection and Prayers.

Late summer greetings from Laitkynsew to Germany

Dear friends in Berlin !

Greeting! Hope you are keeping fine. Thank you very much for the report. I am happy to know that in Germany schools have already restarted, hope everything will go well. We are all fine here in the parish Laitkynsew. Still, it’s raining every day. This month the rains have reduced and we can hardly see the sun. As far as the parish activities are concerned since churches are not yet allowed to open, we don’t have many pastoral activities except for the sick people.

Yes, COVID-19 cases in some parts of India still increasing and worry us bit. Here in Meghalaya, the situation seems to be better, still, there are restrictions on the travels and opening of the shops. Still, we are not yet allowed to open the schools, colleges and churches. Most of the schools have started online classes. Even though the network is not very good in this place with whatever possible means Fr. Ambrose is busy doing some classes online and distributing notes to the children in order to be in touch with the students and parents.  We hope that in the coming weeks the schools and the churches will be allowed to open with some hygienic measures.


This is to inform you that from the contribution we have received on 27th June 2020 for the relief work, we have helped some 110 families, in Umtham, Bomotila, and Shella village. People are very happy and grateful to GIPP for your kindness to help them in their need.

In this mail, I would like to write to you also about the JORDAN VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER as a response to previous mail.


With the initiative of Fr. Noble, Jordan vocational training center was started in Sts. Peter & Paul Parish Laitkynew on 8th September 2017. The purpose of this project is to help mothers, windows, and the dropout children especially girls to equip them with some skills for the small scale income generation. In the last three years, we have trained some people in tailoring and Embroidery and in basic computer courses mostly those from nearby villages. For the batch 2019-2020 we have 5 applicants in tailoring and embroidery and in the basic computer course 6 students. Because of the Covid-19 situation, we have stopped the training now we will be starting the training as the situation becomes better. We are giving training in tailoring, embroidery, candle making, and in basic computer. The duration of these courses is three months every day except Saturdays and Sundays.


At present tailoring and embroidery are done in the hall. The hall is also used for the school programs, especially during the monsoon season from May to September. The candle making course is done in the old printing house and the basic Computer course is done in the school. We are now stitching our school uniforms in our center itself and candles are made for the use of parishioners and the church.


Since we would manage to have a proper place for these trainings, we would like to put up a floor over the newly built teacher’s quarters with the accommodation felicity for the people from far away villages so that many more people will be benefited from these workshops. People from far villages find it difficult to get rooms in Laitkynsew because of not many rooms available except in the resorts. It’s too expensive for them to hire a room for three months. We would like to provide accommodation for at least ten people. In the hostel, we do not have a place to accommodate trainees.   

The teacher who gives training stays in the hostel building. Earlier we gave accommodation for the trainees in the old printing press which is now used for making candles and a portion of it is used as a resident for our working staff. We have received from GIPP Euros 11.000,00 on 19th November 2018 for the extension of JVTC that is reserved in the Bank. In Indian Rupees 8,75,000/-

Last year we were busy with the construction of the teacher’s quarters and the canteen for the Divine savior English Medium School. We could not start this project. This year we would like to start this project but now the Material cost is very high because of the Covid-19 situation and we are also looking for some more funds to complete this project so that many more people will be able to come for these trainings.

I wish and hope that everything will be all right that you will be able to visit us in autumn 2021, we will be very happy to welcome you all to our Laitkynsew Mission. Thank you very much for your concern and support for our people and for the development of this remote place.

Kindly give our warm greetings to all GIPP members and to friends in Germany. We are praying that God may continue to bless you all and your families with good health and keep you safe.  

I am sorry for the delay to reply to your mail.

N.B. I would like to send the photos on 16 September 2020 from Shillong because in Laitkynsew the network does not support to send the photos.

God Bless!


With best wishes

Fr.Arockia Samy SDS

Parish Priest

Laitkynsew Mission.

Graduation in Corona times at our partner school in Guwahati, the blind school of the Venerini Sisters.

I am happy to inform you that this year our 5 blind students appeared for the class 10th exam. All of them passed with good mark. 3 of them among the top ten. And other 2 too with 1st division.

Good afternoon sister, the class 10 results are out. All our blind students passed with good marks.
Rubina-453(500) -5th rank in the school.
Nono-452-6th rank
Rideep-448- 7th rank
Monica- 396- 18th rank
Gesper- 363- 30th rank.
Thank you for your prayers.

Sr. Jomsy

You can find the top 10 list of the school here.

Message from our partner church and school from Laitkynsew.

Good morning sir.... How are you? It's been quiet long we could not text each other... Here in Laitkynsew this year we have a heavy monsoon... It's been raining even today... 
Last Saturday (11/7/20) we went to distribute rice, dal & oil to two Garo* villages for 90 families. But was raining and so we distributed inside the hall unfortunately there was no power that's why the picture is not so clear from my phone.... And today we will go one more village.... Please give my greetings to our friends.. Stay safe and healthy.. 

Thank you

Father Ambrose 

*The Garo are an indigenous mountain tribe in Meghalaya.


Fundraiser for India - We say "Thank you"!

Unfortunately, this year's donation run could not take place because of the Corona crisis - nevertheless, many of you have shown your solidarity with our partner church in Laitkynsew. So far, a total of about 4000 euros have been donated with which we can help to alleviate the acute problems in India. With these donations, the Salvatorians support the parishioners, who are mainly working as day labourers, with basic food and can thus at least take away the daily worries of many people who have lost their jobs and provide for their families.  We thank you very much for your help!


Response from Laitkynsew in June 2020

We received this email on 08.06.20 from India:


Dear Sir. Andreas Heise & Mrs. Cecilia Senger &  GIPP's Family!

How are you all? I hope you are all in good health. How is the situation in Germany, esp, in Berlin... 

We in India have lifted the lockdown and slowly things come to normal again. 

Friends, you are all in our hearts and prayers... We would like to express our gratitude to you all for your great help. 

Here I attach the report of the first amount 1500 Euro. I hope it will be cleared to all. But in case if there is any clarification, We are delighted to do so.

Greetings to all the families, and the students...


Fr. Ambrose Lamin SDS. 

Response from Laitkynsev in April 2020

We received this e-mail on 24.04.20 from India.

Dear Sir. Andreas... Today (24/4/20) we went again to distribute rice to one Khasi village- Mawlong.. It's 8km from the parish. We could help around 75 families.. . Thanks to our GIPPs friends for the helping hands..  
I will update again to you.. 
Good night.. God bless and keeps you safe.

Response from Laitkynsew in April 2020

We received this email today (12.04.20) from India:

Dear GIPP Friends... 

Happy Easter to you all...  May the Risen Christ brings JOY, PEACE and HOPE to you and your families...  Today I remember especially as you were supposed to be with us here in Laitkynsew joining us in Easter Celebration.  

But you could not make it physically but I know you are here emotionally and Spiritually because You have touch the heart of many through our school...  Yesterday we went to give rice and dal for 75 families and we talked about you and they were very much grateful to you and they also sent their Easter Greetings and prayers to you all...  Here I attach few photos and I will update once everything is done.

May The Risen Christ Bless you all.
Happy Easter Once Again.

Your Brother and Friend.

Fr.  Ambrose Lamin Sds.

COVID-19 Support

For current reasons:

The school supported by GIPP in the jungle reports current supply shortages. The families of the supported pupils have lost their income and Father Ambrose is providing them with rice in a kind of "school meal". The emergency call came yesterday. Tomorrow we will transfer 1.500 Euro as emergency aid and we don't care that some day labourers are also supplied.

If you want to participate in this action, please transfer the money to the GIPP account with the remark "Schulspeisung". Up to 200 € the transfer receipt is automatically valid as a donation receipt.

The board of directors


School for the Blind: Construction of the Roof Completed

We were delighted to hear from Sister Jomsy that the "New Roof" project for the school for the blind has been completed. The start of construction was delayed due to the heavy rainfall. She wrote us: ".... It was a great help for us. After the roof work the dripping through part of the terrace was stopped. Even in rain or heat the children's clothes can be dried well under the roof. In addition, the heat of the rooms is greatly reduced. It is a great blessing for us. Please convey the heartfelt thanks of the children and sisters to all who have given their financial support to this noble work. Please convey our special thanks and greetings to the bishop. Thank you very much, thank you very much. May God bless each one of you. Best regards, Sr. Jomsy".