2011 - The Beginning

After the Easter holidays, the Salvator School announces that the missio consultant Mr. Holz from Berlin, in cooperation with the Ludwig-Wolker Haus, is planning a trip to India during which a Salvatorian school will be visited in addition to other youth education and meeting places. Four teachers from Reinickendorf are added to the list of participants. 
On two days of preparation we not only get to know other participants, but also Father Sebastian of the Salvatorians. He is the former headmaster of the Salvator School in Nagaon/India and received his doctorate from the University of Münster. 



After a long flight we land in the capital of Assam in Guwahati. Fathers Rosario and Vara Prasad welcome us warmly, and we drive to Shillong in a mountain region to get used to the tropical climate. After a few days we drive to Nagaon, where we get to know the Christ Jyoti School. 2000 students arrive here daily with school buses, are taught and receive lunch. The language of instruction is English. The parents pay a school fee. 
After the Sunday service we meet five sisters of the "Mother Teresa Order" (Missionaries of Charity) who invite us to their station right next to the school. They take care of tuberculosis patients and the mentally ill. During the visit of these sisters we see a place with an incredible amount of suffering and at the same time we admire the love and great devotion of these sisters for the sick entrusted to them. 
Back in Guwahati we drive with Sr. Treesa to the home for the blind of the Venerini Sisters. Here, too, we experience a similar situation: great suffering among blind children who are rejected by society and an enormous commitment of the Sisters to the care and education of these children.
At the end of this journey we teachers know that we can and must do something for the poor and blind children. 
The journey has changed us.