India Day of the Salvator School 2019

A very cool, grey day, which started with extremely heavy rain, which didn't stop - not nice, but nothing so special; however, this morning the sponsor run for our partner schools in India should take place. Fortunately, the weather hardly affected the good mood of the students, who walked at 8.30 a.m. on the 1.1 km long route. Despite the wetness many of them did not only run the five compulsory laps, but up to 27 laps! Congratulations to class 7c, which ran the most laps with an average of 11.5 and won a hiking day. Jakob Tete from class 7c set the lap record with 27 laps - more than a half marathon! Just behind were Jacob Matthis Schäfer (7c, 22 laps), Johannes Grebing (7s) and Tom Lewing (7b) with 21 laps each. All participants ran more than 1400 km, which is the distance from Berlin to Rome!

Many other students worked in the morning and donated their money to GIPP.

From 6 p.m. the canteen slowly filled up, where Mr. Heise and Leevke Hellebrandt, who had taken part in the last trip to India as a pupil, reported about the three partner schools and the partner community and the impressive encounters with the Indian pupils and their families. Further impressions from India were given by a film with impressions from India and a message of greeting from a student from Nagaon who was in Berlin last year with his classmates, teachers, fathers and sisters and who was very impressed by his stay in his host family.

 About 150 guests enjoyed Indian soups cooked by Mrs. Fußmann and Mrs. Schmidt with students of the 10S and the excellent music contributions of Annelou Mandrysch and her trio for classical guitar as well as of the spontaneously founded duo Annelou and David Hein.

We hope that through the efforts of so many people involved we will be able to reach our donation target of 10,000 euros. Please transfer all donations to the GIPP account (see below for account details)! We will inform you about the donations soon.

GIPP e.V. IBAN DE95 370601936020090012

Leaking roof of the school for the blind in Guwahati financed

Due to a leaking roof at the school for the blind that we support, the clothes of the blind children in care can no longer be dried during the monsoon season. In a quick action, the Archbishop of Berlin, Dr. Heiner Koch, helped us. 2,250 was made available to us at short notice from the Weltkirche-fund and on 10 November we were allowed to use the extremely generous collection of the St. Ludwig congregation to cover the costs. A further 1,450.55 Euro was added. In connection with our Transfer Plus contract from Missio in Aachen, our transfer to Sister Shiny will be increased by a further 10%; the rest will be covered by GIPP.

Many thanks to all who have contributed to this short-term help.